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Website Design

We build WordPress websites completely customised to your personal and business needs. The Intuitive "backend" design of WordPress gives you the ability to run your business yourself. When your website is launched, you will be able to schedule a call to help you with maintaining your website in the future. Alternatively you can start a  Website Maintenance contract to ensure sure you have constant support from me should you need any assistance.

Website Audit

This is like a "health check" for your website, transforming a good website into an excellent one with a fabulous user experience! I will examine all parts of your site to identify any areas that are lacking in terms of content, SEO, design, and usability.

Website Redesign

We will analyse your existing website, decide what we like and dislike, consider what business objectives you hope to achieve with the new site and begin the redesigning process based on the plan we build. You may want to increase your brand awareness, increase your sales, increase your content downloads, whatever your goals are we are here to help you launch a new site that is ahead of the curve and built to last!

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is an essential ingredient for any business! Once you have invested money in your website creation and spent time creating appealing content, it can't be left to function on its own. That's where I come in- I offer an excellent service that increases engagement with your customers, therefore retaining their interest and strengthening your SEO and your ranking on Google. I will check your site regularly, keeping it up to date with security updates, fresh content, encouraging more site traffic and making sure your website visitors are happy. 

Custom Functions

We will work together to decide what features you would like for your website. First of all, we will figure out the purpose of your site and your end goal for visitors using your site, for example buying your products, booking your online course, signing up to your blog, joining your mailing list. When all of the above is decided, we will then make a plan of what functions are best suited to your website. 

Functions to elevate your website...
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